Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Natural dynamic compression

Well this is the week to plug Bruce William’s podcast on Adobe Audition which in particular has an emphasis on explaining how Audition can be used for producing podcasts. Here is the link again:

Today I just want to comment on what was both a flashback and lightbulb moment to me. I was listening to one of the podcasts on my subway ride home  and this great insight came through my ear buds. Namely, Bruce was explaining how in the old days a form of audio compression was simply achieved by the engineer riding the faders during the recording session. This is where I had that dual flashback/lightbulb moment. Of course, I remember doing that years back so many, many moons ago when I was taking two semesters of sound engineering at the local community college, that’s exactly what was done. In Audition that can be achieved via “automation lanes” and no it does not involve one actually riding faders. Its basically much more precise and tweak-able than that. Its actually quite cool. Bruce covers that in his tutorial CD. For more info see my last post on Bruce.


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