Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Audition tutorials on Podcasts?

Yes , an Aussie from the land of down under, of course, by the name Bruce Williams has been developing a podcast series on Adobe Audition, a very powerful and complete hard disk recording system for Windows.

Check it out:


I went through a couple podcasts and this stuff is just full with information and insight on using Audition in the recording and post production process. I can’t wait to load this stuff into my iAudio player and listen to it on the subway ride back and forth from work.

I actually bumped into this in a sort of back doors sort of way. I am ramping up working with Audition which as a matter of fact, my new “ultimate” digital audio workstation will be arriving,  hopefully by the end of the week, and I was looking for tutorial material on Audition.

I found this screencast based tutorial Audition 2.0 Essential Training , checked out a few of the sample free chapters and was impressed. This tutorial is all screencast based, no fancy production but just full of substance, unlike the Total Training Audition 1.5 DVD that I bought which although had good basic information , a lot of time was spent on making it a cool DVD as oppossed to making it a meaty tutorial. Some people may prefer that I guess. In my case I just want to see what the tool does and don’t need the rest of the fluff to keep my attention.

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