Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jon Raney at iTunes


 My friend, composition teacher and collaborator now has his CD at iTunes.

Of course, this is strictly digital downloads. If you want a real physical CD which you can burn freely and play on your stereo then you should think of buying it directly from Jon which you can do by visiting his site. Jon makes more money when his CDs are fulfilled through his site, so if you are a fan of Jazz and also feel compelled to help out struggling independent musicians then please purchase directly from Jon. Nonetheless, being at iTunes is great. There are people that do indeed buy one tune at a time. Also, its exposure and just another very popular place to check out new music. Hopefully, we have the right keywords there so that he can be found easily. Certainly searching for Jon Raney will score a direct hit.

Anyhow, check out the link above. You will need iTunes installed on your computer but you can get that for free.



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