Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Inspiration , where does it come from?

  1. Internal
  2. External

Internal inspiration is what comes to me when I walk my dog or at other unexpected times. Since it's unexpected it is best to be prepared. My pda cellphone has an audio recorder which I use to capture these gifts .

Then there is the forced type of inspiration which one forces to different degrees. For example:

  1. Record yourself Jamming to somebody else's music.
  2. Record yourself doodling on your instrument.
  3. Jam to your fav. synth patch
  4. Jam to some drum loops
  5. Grab a midi file from the web, strip out the melody and drop some riffs.
  6. Grab a lead sheet, copy chord changes into Band in a Box or Jammer then drop some riffs.
  7. if you can, do all of the above on a guitar, bass, keyboard end vocals. you will get different results

Word of advice make recording easy. I have set up things so that pressing the low E in my Keyboard controller will trigger recording.

After this initial important step produces the seed for your new tune, its important to commit. commitment is essential. Without it one can get stuck, in "doodling" land for a very long time. Been there , done that. and it is hell.

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