Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jon's New Site

Have not blogged in a while. I have been bogged down with work and with cranking out a new site for Jon.

Some of the highlights of the site include:

  • Music Excerpts.
  • A Store where the new CD Waltz For Talia can be purchased.
  • Reviews of Jon’s music by third parties.
  • A Gallery where pictures of Jon and friends can be found but also of his famous father Jimmy Raney.

Besides the site I also went ahead and setup:

  • A Forum for discussion of music composition, theory and all that Jazz.
  • Well, actually Jon setup a blog for himself where he already has a very interesting and  funny article written by his Dad, Jimmy Raney.

BTW, for those that don’t know which could be quite a few Jimmy Raney is a unsung legendary guitarist of Jazz bebop. Jimmy Raney played with the likes of Stan Getz and other greats. Artist such as Wes Montgomery and even contemporary artist such as Pat Metheny cite him as a major influence. Jon plans to dedicate part of his site to his father’s memory and accomplishments. One of the projects consists of a book Jimmy Raney was working on melodic lines.

Finally, Jon’s CD is great. It has a little of everything from straightahead Jazz to fusions with Brazilian grooves to melancholic balads to blues. Its a great value at $10.00.

If consumers want great new and innovative music and great selection for that matter it is important to support independent music. If you love Jazz then supporting the “indie” Jazz/ fusion scene is a must otherwise you will get some big record label executive’s version of what Jazz is. So at the very least check out Jon’s CD.

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