Sunday, August 21, 2005

Review - Week ending: 8/21/2005

Total time: 15 h 10 min

Avg/Day: 2 hours +



  • Spend time on ear training
  • Jotted into Finale a couple of ideas
  • Got a better grip on making the delta notes on O Grande Amor
  • Picking was more fluid
  • Began re-incorporating right hand picking and strumming
  • Began adding some left hand
  • Added Jamming to tracks, fun but useful to pull out the ideas live


  • Probably still doodle my warmups too much
  • Zero recording
  • Need more chord work
  • Need more structured target study areas e.g. finish ADM’s lesson system.


jraney1 said...


What do you specifically do to ear train? Give me an example. You could use finale to help you with that probably

Charles said...

I'll have to show you. Band in the Box has some rudimentary ear training tools.

jraney1 said...